Destitute and mentally ill women constitute one of the most vulnerable categories of Indian population. Living on the streets is dangerous in any circumstance but these women lack an adequate sense of reality and cannot fend for themselves. Destitute, disabled, widows... beyond the age of 18 years onwards — they perhaps form the most vulnerable section of society, deserving more attention from the government and social groups than anyone else. Sometimes they are unable to manage their most basic food and hygiene needs. This increases the risk of physical, sexual and emotional abuse many times over. And they have practically no recourse.
Women rescued from trafficking/exploitation are provided temporary refuge in different shelter homes, where organization staff counsel and train them for restarting their lives. However, critical areas of need like aftercare, rehabilitation and reintegration are often neglected despite the efforts of various government and non-government agencies. In the absence of effective reintegration, society is oblivious to their vulnerability, and the women face the risk of re-victimisation.
We bridge the gap between shelter homes and society by making survivors bold, independent and capable so that they can take a rebirth. After years of missing out on life all survivor really needs a home. "HOME FOR HOMELESS" (GHARONDA).
Based on the experience of working with destitute women and animals in and around Bhopal, Mrs. Neelam Kaur decided to start this venture for such women in the society. HOME FOR HOMELESS (GHARONDA) is a home where survivors restart their lives. It is very important for us that these women become independent – earning their own money, staying on their own and living their own lives. We have to be the enablers for them to undertake this transformation themselves, whatever time it may take. To enable a smooth transition into a new life, wherein destitute women offered counselling, are reunited with the family, skill based training, healthcare facilities and schooling.

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